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2005 Participating Artists:
Anya Adler, Grimanesa Amoros, Eric Anglès, Eric Arctander, Sheila Berkley, Benjamin Bertocci , Aillinn Brennan, Jo-Ann Brody, Rachel Budde, Michael Buckland and Mombert, Jamie Calderwood, Heinz Cars, Centennial Group, Laurel Garcia Colvin, E.Y.E., Ric Falco, Marcy B. Freedman, Dean Friedman, GeneFree Productions, Karin F. Giusti, Krist Gruijthuijsen, Alicia Cristina Grullon, Haak Art Collective, Erik Hanson and William Whalen, Sarah Haviland, Fred Holland, Carla Rae Johnson, Chris Kaczmarek, Kelly Kivland and Stephanie Skaff, Carrie Levy, Pia Lindman, Harutaka Matsumoto, Sherry Mayo, Diane Meyer, Heather Mims, Luis Maldonado, Nelson Electric Chaircut, Adam Niklewicz, Lori Nozick, Edgar Orlaineta, Lise Prown, Ana Prvacki, Eliza Proctor, Christian Siekmeier, Micah Silver, Two Girls Working, Robert Thurmer, TRYST, UnionDocs, Mark Wonsidler, Dina Weiss, Rachel and Heath Winborn, Bryan Zanisnik

2005 Curators:
Nathalie Angles, Paul Clay, Susanna Cole, Kari Conte, Erin Donnelly, Firefly (cultural division of Amnesty International), Ricardo Viera, and Carmen Zita

2005 Special Events:
  • Three weekends of panel discussions including topics about artist collaborations, artists working within the community, and artists delving into Peekskill's history.
  • A screening of artists' videos at the HVCCA curated by Daniel Fuller.
  • A curated exhibit, Nostalgia, in the upstairs gallery at the HVCCA.
  • A special video presentation at the HVCCA featuring Shirin Neshat.
  • A permanent work for Hudson Valley Community Health created by Griminesa Amoros.
Students from the Westchester Community College Peekskill Campus documented the event and made an archival DVD. The Project was covered in the New York Times, The Art Newspaper and local media, including the Journal News. It received extensive positive acclaim throughout the arts community.

2005 Sample Images:

Flower Fountain
Sheila Berkley
Peekskill Inn, 634 Main St.
Chair in the Air
Jamie Calderwood
Riverfront Green
Dean Friedman
Starting at Grant Street between Main St & Park St
Carla Rae Johnson
Pugsley Park
Picket Fence
Dina Weiss
Riverfront Green